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Download page for FEZ C# Library for the K8000

Description: This library provides all functions for an easy communication between the FEZ Panda II and the Velleman K8000 card.

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Version History

The following table gives you an overview of all versions of this software. Only the latest version is available under 'Latest Download'.

Date (D/M/Y)VersionChanges
28-04-20122.0- fixed a bug in the code for the A/D channels.
14-07-20111.0- initial version

RSS feed

This software has its own RSS feed to keep you informed about future updates. You only need to add the following link to a RSS reader to follow this software. Most popular browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox have a built-in reader. Rss: http://www.bvsystems.be/rss/FEZk8000Library.

Antivirus Policy

All the solutions on this website were designed with great care. I make sure they are always checked with a recent virusscanner. Please contact me if your virusscanner gives a warning on one of the downloads (It will be most likely a false positive).